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February 2013–The Daily Meal interviewed our owner, Dr. Laura Pressley of Pure Rain, on the health benefits of drinking water that has been purified using reverse osmosis. 90% of Spring or Artesia bottled water products have fluoride because they filter through geological formations comprised of CaF and other fluoridated sedimentary rocks.

November 2012–Mike Adams of Natural News interviewed our owner, Dr. Laura Pressley of Pure Rain, on the health benefits of drinking purified rain water which is clean, chemical-free and fluoride-free.

October 2012–Owner of Pure Rain, Dr. Laura Pressley, is interviewed in the documentary, “The Great Culling…Our Water.” The film discusses the health dangers of fluoridation and how we are bombarded with fluoride on a daily basis through our tap water. Dr. Pressley is one of the water and health experts interviewed in the film. Check out the trailer and their website.

December 2011–Owner of Pure Rain, Dr. Laura Pressley is running for Austin City Council and one of her main focus areas is to improve the health and safety of Austin’s tap water. Elect Laura Pressley Austin City Council for the health of Austin.

November 2011–Laura Pressley, Ph.D, of Pure Rain is interviewed by San Antonio’s KENS 5 on the Health Dangers of Fluoridation of Austin’s Tap Water

October 2011–Pure Rain is interviewed by The Power Hour and Joyce Riley on the scientific data and health dangers of fluoridation

October 2011–Pure Rain is Sponsoring and Presenting at the BreaTheCure Conference in Houston, Saturday 10/29, 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm

September 2011–Fluoride Harming Children Video with Dr. Cole, DDS & Dr Pressley, PhD (Owner of Pure Rain)

August 2011–Let’s Get Healthy Radio Show with Bill Swail of Austin’s Peoples Pharmacy–Interview with Pure Rain (45 min after the hour).

August 2011–Work at Home Woman Interview with Laura Pressley Ph.D. – Co-Founder and Owner of Pure Rain, Bottled Rain Water

May 2011–Whole Foods Market Video–The Healthiness of Pure Rain





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