Over ten years ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was placed on thyroid medication. After exploring suspected causes for thyroid illnesses, we tested our tap water and found a myriad of chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, coliform bacteria, sulfates, and chloroform. At that point, I completely stopped drinking and cooking with tap water and started drinking Pure Rain Bottled Rain Water. After 6 months, my hypothyroid symptoms were drastically improved and I subsequently stopped taking thyroid medication and felt great. Being a little surprised with the progress, my health care provider asked what was different. I mentioned that I stopped ingesting fluoride and those other poisonous chemicals that were in our drinking water. The great news is that I’ve been off medication for the last 3 years and feel better than I ever have.

Looking forward, health care providers should consider asking patients to learn about the chemical contaminants in their drinking water and educate patients on how to remove those chemicals and consume water that is fluoride and chemical-free. This could be an alternative approach versus prescription medications which are often provided to manage the inflammation, gastrointestinal, thyroid, and other internal organ illnesses these poisons cause.

–Laura Pressley, Ph.D. of Austin, Texas
CoFounder and Owner, Pure Rain Bottled Rain Water



“On February 18, 2008 my family was blessed with a healthy baby boy. He exhibited lactose intolerance on Similac and Enfamil.  We went to powdered of the same to save money and no change. We eventually went to an Similac Alimentum plus Enfamil Lipil and it helped decrease the spit-up.  We were using bottled water of various types.  Around the beginning of the second month, we tried Pure Rain to mix the formula and within four days the spit-up decreased and stopped.  We were not sure why but were happy to see this as his weight was gaining.  We ran out of Pure Rain and the spit-ups began again in just a few days. I went back to my friends that had given me a case of Pure Rain and explained the above and they gave me another two cases of water.  Well, the spit ups subsided as before in just a few days.  At the three month anniversary of my sons birth, he weighed in at a healthy 11 lbs, 9 oz and 3 inches longer. Pure Rain worked for us in the most important way possible, giving my son the ability to grow, thanks Pure Rain!”



“Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.”

“Pure Rain tastes really good. It’s different than my water. Can I have some more?”
–5 year old Girl, Austin Whole Foods Market, 2009

“Your rain water tastes like snow.”
–11 year old Boy, Austin Central Market, 2009.

“Have fish ever pooped in your rain water?” (We told him no)
–8 year old Boy, Austin Central Market, 2010

“My baby would not drink tap water in his bottle…I guess because of all of the poisons. We tried giving him Pure Rain and he loved it! We now use it for his drinking water and for reconstituting his formula.”
-–Mother of 6 month old son

“It tastes sweet.”
–10 year old Boy, Austin Whole Foods Market, 2010.

“I like it” and a thumbs up!”
–7 year old Boy from Dallas, 2010

“WOW! I really like it!”
–-Andy, 7 year old boy, Whole Foods Houston, 2012

“Twice I have seen the water presentation from Laura Presley. I must say that I was very impressed with the vast amount of information I recieved about the water in general. Putting local water like this into our bodies with all the chemicals surely can cause major symptoms to our health. It made me think that Austinites are very interested in plastic bags hitting our landfill but what goes into our bodies they are not concerned. Well after hearing this presentation I for one along with my wife are changing our water habits. Thank you Laura…” Dan B., Austin, TX 2013

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